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Training to Pass Police Promotion Interviews.

Positive Action Support  -

Promotion Interview and Presentation Training

If your force has a positive action program to support minority groups reach the next rank we can help by providing specialist training to help those officers across that final hurdle - the interview process.

Whilst technical skills and know how can be provided in force the promotion process requires the right skills and communication techniques (Interview and Presentation), togther with personal confidence, both areas that many minority group officers don't have enough of.

We are experienced at providing that support to give officers the necesary skills and mindset they really need to pass. if your force has a Positive Action Support program and you think we can help, suggest it to the course leader or the relevant person in your HR department.

We will work with them to tailor the training to your own support program, thus benefiting your force and you too.


One to One Coaching



If you are interested in a How to Pass the Police Interview Training Session in your area, then contact us so we can consider it, thank you:


About our Training and Eligibility

During our training we will explore and learn the skills required to allow you to effectively engage with the Panel and let you answer the questions with confidence.

Available to only a very limited number of people we will will cover everything you need to know, from what you can do on a day to day basis to give yourself good examples right through to walking out of the door at the end of the interview.

We will explore and learn interview structure, special techniques, hints and tips, application of the competency framework, how to use prepare and use your examples, confidence building, and importantly some typical questions that may very well appear on your interview in one way or another.

In addition to the training you will be provided with the How To Pass Promotion eBook free of charge which will help you carry on your preparation and practice with the 100+ real questions it contains.

With today's promotion chances becoming less frequent and much more competitive this training is intended to give the few officers who attend a significant advantage over the competition.

Remember Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail so make the most of your few chances to succeed.

The courses will be rank dependent and open to any officer who is in a position to be interviewed for the relative rank.

Acceptance onto the training course will be strictly first come first served basis up to a maximum of ten per course.

You can see more about our

How to Pass the Police Promotion Interview eBook here.

Contains 10 Mock Interviews and 100 questions to help you practice!