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Now with 12 Mock Interviews

Important - Many officers make the mistake of thinking the time to start working for the Boards is when they are announced. They are usually in the long list of fails because poor preparation results in poor performance. Your promotion opportunities are becoming rarer - make the next one count by investing in the e-Book and starting to prepare NOW!

If this is the first time you have come across this eBook its because the hundreds of officers who have benefited from it are keeping it to themselves!


As you know many forces are cutting back and promotion interviews are becoming fewer and farther apart. Your chances of being promoted are as a result reducing and no doubt you will want to make the most of every chance.

Officers who prepare well are far more likely to pass than those who leave it to chance. And that's where our Promotion Interview eBook comes in because it takes you through the entire process, beginning to end.

Features and Benefits:

1) Powerful model for Interview Structure and Techniques

2) 12 Mock Interviews to help you practice

3) Over 100 practice questions from real interviews or interview question bank

4) Detailed look and explanation of the 5 question types you will face

5) Explanation of the diferent Rank Characteristics to need to include

6) Explanation of competencies and how to build them into your answers, whether ICF or the new Policing Professional Framework (PPF)

7) Explanation of the meaning of "role", how to build it into your day to day work and how to apply it

8) Explanation of the different approach to levels of answer between the ranks and how to apply it

9) Useful tools to help you plan and prepare in a disciplined way

10) Powerful techniques for controlling nerves

11) Presentations and how to do a good one

12) Application forms.

13) Suitable for Apple iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers with iBooks

If you are serious about your career the 'How to Pass the Police Promotion Interview” eBook is a must have resource to you because it contains everything you will need to know to be successful at this highly competitive process.

This eBook has been prepared for officers who want to prepare and perform well in their interview, especially in this highly competitive environment.

Typically many officers like you are concerned about their interview performance because there are so many places you can trip up. For example:

1)  Not having an interview technique

2)  Not having a compelling structure

3)  Coming over as having no confidence

4)  Not really understanding the new role and what is important about it

5)  Not being able to build in worthwhile examples

6)  Not answering the question that was asked

7)  Floundering

8)  Doing a meaningless information dump

The list goes on and you may well be familiar with some or all of these yourself!

But our eBook is different because it takes you through the process, beginning to end - from gathering evidence on a day to day basis, through the interview and walking out of the door when it's all over.

So imagine walking in on the day with confidence and full control of those nerves because you have had the benefits and extra help this eBook offers you. Full of tips and advice based on being on both sides of the interview table combined with cutting edge “human behaviour” skills, it contains over 160 pages of tips, skills and techniques which will clearly tell you what to do and how to do it, from gathering your evidence right through to walking out of the door on the big day.

This eBook is an absolute must if you want to have that extra edge over the competition or you want to make the most of your rare chance of being promoted and being rewarded with everything that goes with it.

If you are one of those hard working officers who deserve promotion then why not give yourself the extra chance this eBook offers you – if you don’t you can bet your bottom dollar your rivals will be!

The eBook takes each stage of the promotion process and gives you simple to follow steps combined with how to put them into practice. After you have followed them you will have not only a pocket full of evidence but know how to present it in a way that is designed to win the Board over, just read the testimonials and see how it worked for them.


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Available in the Apple iBook Store for iPad and Mac running iBooks.

Open iBooks and search for How to Pass the Police Promotion Interview

(There are currently no plans to release the eBook for Kindle or Android devices and the eBook has been withdrawn from Windows PC's due to events beyond our control).

Frequently Asked Questions

Read what Others have said after passing with the help of this ebook:

PC to Sgt and then Sgt to D/Sgt, Welsh force said:

"I purchased the guide last year to assist with my force's promotion process and was succesfull. Just 10 months later I have used the guide again to prepare for an interview for a Detective Sergeant post within the force. I was pleasantly surprised to come first in the process despite the fact that two of the applicants were applying from existing DS posts.

The package has helped me to understand the structured interview process. I actually left the interview thinking i'd actually enjoyed the experience!"

Ins to C/Ins GMP said: "I just wanted to update you regarding my recent success at the Chief Inspector promotion process within GMP. I bought your ebook a couple of years ago and after 5 years of temp DI duties I got through the Inspector process. Hot on the heels of that promotion GMP opened up the CI process. I didn't have any temp DCI experience and was up against experienced colleagues, some of whom had 5 or 6 years evidence of being a DCI or CI. I used the ebook as my bible, as I had done previously, and hey presto I got through the 5 stages (Application Form, Online scenario exercise, Video Presentation, Partnership Exercise and Interview Board). I am now awaiting a posting as DCI. It is fair to say that without your help and guidance (I had a conversation with you 3 years ago) and the structure that the ebook provides, I would not have entered either process with half the confidence that I had".

Sgt to Ins GMP said:

"GMP have just completed a very competitve Inspector Promotion Process having been suspended for four years. I would just like to pass on my sincere thanks for the help and advice that I received from you and the information, tips and advice I gleened from the book. Having been a Temporary Detective Inspector for four years I knew I could do the job, had delivered consistently and had rafts of evidence required but didn't know how to package it up for the application/paper sift and subsequent presentation and board. I am pleased to say that I took on board the structures you advocate along with the many tips and passed with flying colours. It is fair to say that the book was my 'study bible' and was invaluable to my preparation".

Sgt to Ins, Lincs said:

"Hi Steve,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to pass on my sincere thanks and let you know that yesterday I found out that I passed my Inspectors promotion board. Your ebook proved to be really useful and it gave me the tools and technique that I needed to structure my evidence in the right way. Because of the quality prep that your ebook allowed me to do I went into the board feeling calm and confident - this really helped me to communicate well on the day. I won't hesitate in recommending your ebook to others aiming for promotion."


PC to Sgt Gloucestershire:

"Just a quick email for you to add to any feedback you post on your promotions Ebook. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and found the style of writing easy to follow and understand and a very interesting read. I used the very practical advice the book gave and I am pleased to say that earlier today I heard I have been successful at the boards for Sgts promotion. I am in Gloucestershire and we do a three stage process of Paper application, Assessment centre which is an oral briefing and Presentation followed by an interview process at the 3rd stage for those who are successful in the previous stages. All based on the PPQ framework.Your book helped on all three sections.

I totally recommend this book to anyone preparing for their boards".

PC to PS in Hertfordshire. "Following a poor performance at my first promotion board I was recommended this e book by a colleague who had used it themselves. Immediately I could see the benefits of its approach and how it would help me prepare for my next board. Further to reading the e book I booked a one to one training session with Steve.  This was invaluable and I followed it up with a one hour Skype session.I have no doubt it was the skills I learnt from the book and the one to one sessions which meant I was successful at my next promotion board.I can't recommend this highly enough."

A PC in Suffolk said: "I would like to inform you that I got through the promotion board at the first time of asking. I can contribute this in no small way to the ebook I purchased from you. I would recommend this to anyone considering promotion".

A Pc in Cheshire said "Hi Steve, Just to say thanks. I apssed and have been promoted to Sgt in Cheshire, short listed from 350 to 26. Thanks and take it as an endorsement. I got the pack late but havingnow read it I will esnure that my inspectors is more strucured, PDR and evidence gathered and the bits used to great effectthis time for my Sgts board and in-tray exercise. Worth every penny".

GA PC to Sgt Police Scotland North: "Just to let you know I got through my board and am now substantive as a Sergeant. I used the STAR method from your guide for my 10 minute presentation and the content around what the board are really looking for and types of questions that are asked was very helpful. It's great to have something structured looking specifically at Police promotion and I only wish I'd discovered it sooner as I would have had more time to really work on it & let it bed in to my mind. Anyway, thanks and as you point out the pay rise more than covers the outlay".

Pc to Sgt, Channel Isles: "I bought the Police promotion e-book a few months back as I was going for DC to Sergeant promotion. The boards were last Monday/Tuesday, with about 15 applicants for 4-5 positions. I'm glad to say that I had a fantastic board, with early feedback suggesting that I was best performing officer on the boards, in fact answering questions to Inspector level. Without doubt your e-book was a big factor in getting me ready for the board, helping me to perform to such a high level. As such i wanted to say thank you, and will be recommending your e-book to my colleagues. Many thanks, the best £30 I've spent in a while!" (NB - price has changed)

Sgt to Ins Devon and Cornwall said:

"I bought your e-book about a month ago when my Force, for the first time in four years, advertised a Sergeant > Inspector promotion process. Over 180 applicants for 8 positions across the Force. A local command team paper sift on a lengthy booklet was graded from A - D by local Commanders followed by a central HQ paper sift. Around 30 people got thought to board stage. I am delighted to say I had a call yesterday telling me I had passed my interview board and am being promoted from temp to substantive Inspector in a few weeks. I remember you asking when we spoke to let you know how I got on so thought I would email a quick note.

I found the book gave me a clear focus on consolidating the evidence I had spent some two years collating and provided some really useful tips which I practiced in the build-up to the board. My board consisted of a presentation, subject provided on the day, followed by an interview immediately afterward - the section on presentation techniques was really valuable and I used this both in my preparation and on the day.

On reflection, I think utilising the techniques and understanding the process in far greater detail through your book certainly gave me the edge over other candidates and gave me a real confidence boost in my actual performance on the day (controlling your ape in particular!). I would recommend it to anyone who is starting on the promotion trail or starting to study for a board give themselves some additional polish which I really felt benefited my performance, especially using the STAR system when answering questions and providing my examples. It was genuinely the best £30 I've spent in some while". (NB - price has changed)


MT, Sgt to Ins. Wilts. said "

I am pleased to report that I have been successful in my Sgt to Insp promotion interview today, after failing the last year due to "poor technique" I needed something to give me a structure to build answers around. The book has fulfilled this with the 4MAT or STAR model which I would recommend to anyone. The tips on pre-event relaxation and the 4 questions to ask myself did their bit too, the "ape" wasn't interested in playing at all! My panel said they thought I enjoyed the interview and on reelection I did, although I was relieved when it was over".


Pc to Sergeant, Durham, Male PC said: "Thank you,for your help both through the book and the 1 to 1 sessions which proved invaluable. From the layout for my presentation to the 'aim' of the question everything played a part. This was my first promotion board and your advice and guidance definitely made it a more pleasurable experience than it could have been.
I can not thank you enough!"

DC from North Wales said: "Thank you very much, money well spent. I found out this morning that I have been successful in my interview. I've gone to pieces in previous interviews but managed to stay calm this time thanks to good preparation.

MR from Essex said " I have just passed my board and I thank you very very much. I needed a strategy and your book gave me just that. In my board there were a number of opinion questions that threw me initially but i used your system in response and it seemed to work.... Without doubt your book helped me immensely. I will be recommending you to others too!"

SD of South Wales said "Just a quick e mail to thank you for helping me pass both my promotions boards. It was my fourth and last attempt. Using your book GREATLY assisted me. I cannot recommend this publication highly enough, it got me promoted".

BG from Norfolk Constabulary said "I have just received the results from my Sergeants promotion boards and was successful. I would like to thank you for the e-book and telephone conversation soon after purchasing the book. I would like to thank you for giving me a structure to work with prior to sitting on the board. I used the interview and visualisation technique you highlight in the book, which gave me an excellent way to formulate my answers. I like the way I could link in the strategic elements rather than just dive straight in with the answers and made sure I was seeing it through a Sergeant’s eyes. I can say that this book helped me a great deal and was worth every penny! Once again, thank you very much from a very satisfied customer".

RN from Lothian and Borders said "I found the advice within the book very helpful in relation to having a workable format to structure my answers in my interview. The section on controlling your Ape I found worked for me and I was able to reduce my nervous feelings and gave me the feeling of controlled during the interview. The interview was competency based with 12 questions in a 45 minute interview. I was successful".