Police promotion with ESH Solutions Ltd

Prepare for your Police Promotion Interview and Presentation with Tailored One to One Coaching  - Giving You The Extra Edge with That Personal Touch.

The BEST time to start is now because leaving it too late significantly reduces your chances!

Coaching Now available via FaceTime or Skype for your convenience!

Confused by the CVF? Don't be, we show you how to make the most of it:

Tailored Coaching on a one to one basis is only for those officers who really want to pass because it is the ultimate in preparation. Our service is not an off the shelf package but tailored to your own needs. In addition you can have confidence that you will benefit because we strictly limit our coaching to only a handful of offciers per rank per force per year. This keeps it exclusive for those who really want to pass, so plan and prepare early. We have worked and been successful with officers of all ranks up to Detective Superintendent.

Our Police Promotion Interview Coaching has the following features and benefits:

            1) Bespoke meaning it is tailored to your own particular needs rather than being in with a group or use an off the shelf package.

            2) Can be conducted over FaceTime or Skype if preferred meaning you can benefit from our coaching in the privacy of your own home at a time convenient to you.

            3) Can cover the entire process end to end, meaning you are fully prepared and with an extra sharp edge over your competition.

            4) Provides very powerful tools, tips and techniques designed to give you the most competitive edge over your competition.

            5) Includes a powerful interview structure, predicted questions and answers, tools for building the competency framework into your answers, test questions and more.

            6) Presentation skills can be addressed if required using a technique specially developed for police promotion boards that will help you deliver a great presentation that will stand out.

            7) Following an initial foundation session of four hours you can decide to have more as required to hone your new skills and practice your technique before the interview – in other words you decide how much you want to invest rather than an off the shelf package.

            8) An investment that is extremely affordable and on which you get returns many times over when promoted.

            9) Continued support by telephone as required up to your board.

            10) Your coach has:

                • 30 years experience in the police including senior command team level. Significant experience of police promotion process design and running interviews in a large force.
                • Specialist training in coaching, presentation, communication and people skills to pass on to you.
                • Post graduate qualifications in management.
                • Coaches to CEO level as part of a broader Organisational and People Development Consultancy.

How it can work for you:

      1) Decide whether you want face to face coaching or via Skype then simply contact us by email or telephone to find out whether we still have a place for you – strictly first come first served, remember very limited places so plan early.

      2) Assuming we have a place we arrange a suitable time and date.

      3) We send you the relevant documentation before the session so we can both prepare for your session.

      4) If you are having coaching by FaceTime or Skype, you pay online via this page.

      5) We conduct the session and you benefit by being considerably better prepared and up skilled for the ordeal ahead of you!

      6) You can invest in more if you chose to do so depending upon how much extra edge you want over your competitors.

When should you do it?

Well this one depends upon you but the sooner the better. If you are thinking about being promoted then you should start now, no matter how far away the interviews are. if you chose to leave preparation for interviews until they are actually announced, you will be left on your back foot and disadvantaged by officers who planned ahead. There is nothing wrong with benefiting from coaching even a year in advance because you can embed the thinking and practice the powerful model even operationally at work.

If you leave it until you receive confirmation that you are through the final paper sift then you are seriously putting your chances of success at risk. It is worth remembering that any strategy that depends on certainty is doomed to fail. If you are committed to maximising your chances, take up the coaching now and start your preparation going. Otherwise you are leaving too much to chance! Remember you have nothing to lose by preparing properly but everything to lose by failing to do so!

NB - all of our coaching sessions are strictly limited to a small number of officers per force per rank per year in order to maintain your advantage and keep it exclusive to you. Strictly first come first served basis. (Number dependent upon force size - Met Police = 20 officers, over 3000 officers = 10 officers, under 3000 officers = 5 officers)

If you believe you will have an interview in the next 12 months, then we strongly suggest you start your preparation now because failing to plan is planning to fail!

Coaching tailored around you is hard work for both you and your coach so we don't do it with everybody. It's offered on a strictly first come first served basis.

If you are one of those people that really wants to pass then coaching works well because it focuses on your own unique needs rather than being an off the shelf approach. That is why most successful people in other sectors use the services of a coach. For you that will mean providing extra help and support just where you need it - interview technique, answer structure, answering at the right level for example.

Or maybe you have tried the Interview previously and not been successful so you not only want to do better but also take advantage of every scarce opportunity to pass. After all, in these economic times promotion is becoming rarer and harder isn't it so you might find you have to that little bit more to get it.

At ESH Solutions we are not only coaches in other aspects of life but specialise in police promotion. We recognise that officers may need help out of normal office hours so we are flexible with evening and weekend availability.

We also know that not everybody can meet face to face so we offer Skype coaching so you can benefit without the additional inconvenience and cost of travel and over night stays.

If any of this sounds like you, or you would simply like to know more about how coaching or training can work for you, then please contact us for more information



PALP - Positive Action Leadership Programs are designed to help minority representation officers be much better prepared for the promotion process.

Typically such officers may lack in the necessary interview skills and confidence to stand out from the majority. Whatever the issues we can help, especially with the interview and presentation which are both very often the stumbling block.

We can help you with bespoke training delivered to support your PALP program. If you are part of a PALP and believe that having greatly improved skills and confidence at interview will help the principals of the PALP by giving program officers the extra edge, ask your force PALP leader to give us a ring or contact us and we will be happy to help.

Invest in Personal Coaching for your promotion now ( Because we strictly limit how many we work with per force please telephone us on 07941068872 to verify there is still a place for you)

If you want regular information Find us on FaceBook at: www.facebook.com/policepromotionuk

Contact us at police@eshsolutions.co.uk

or Tel. 07941068872

Testimonials for Coaching:

Ins to C/Ins Welsh Force:

"I turned to Steve at ESH having been unsuccessful at an Inspector to Chief Inspector process and following a personal recommendation from a colleague who had used him successfully at Inspector and Chief Inspector boards previously. I initially made contact via e-mail and got a very prompt response. This was followed up by a telephone discussion. I was immediately of the opinion that Steve could help me as I could relate to exactly what he was saying around critical success factors at promotion boards. I booked a personal coaching session with him to get me started. Although very intense, my learning from this was significant and I could clearly see how others had been successful using his advised approach and toolkit. I used this approach and his sage words of advice in preparing for my Chief Inspector board. In addition to being a proven model for success, it actually made me think more about the role that I was aspiring to and how it fitted in to the bigger picture. I was much more confident going into the process for a second time and I was delighted to come through it successfully on this occasion. What was even more pleasing was receiving a personal visit from my Chief Constable (who chaired the promotion board) afterwards congratulating me on the quality and effectiveness of my performance. I would definitely recommend Steve and I will certainly use his services again when I am ready to consider applying for a Superintendents’ process.”


Sgt to Inspector, Northern Force said:

"I approached Steve after passing my Inspectors promotion exam and planned on applying for promotion within the following six months. This would have resulted in transferring force and as such I wanted to make sure my evidence, approach and technique would stand up to scrutiny.

Firstly Steve is extremely easy to work with, he has a naturally patient manner and pitches the pace, tone and content depending upon subject and participant. I was able to discuss openly what I wanted and Steve modelled our time together around those points.

After our first meeting I had a plan for what was required, homework to complete and a firm idea around what I needed to cover. I booked a further two sessions once my application was submitted which added to my confidence and gave me clear guidance around the areas I needed to tighten up on.

I entered an extremely competitive process and using the skills I’d developed I was identified as one of the top performing candidates, this was solely down to my preparation with Steve and ESH. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to colleagues and friends".


Ins to C/Ins, Northern Force said:

"‘I have just been successful in my DCI promotion interview. This was my third try. Working with Steve was the key factor in my success this time and I highly recommend ESH Solutions. Previously, I have been given feedback that my interview technique was poor and I was not answering the questions. Steve fixed this and this gave me the confidence and ability to pass. It enabled me to do the right preparation. The feedback I received this time included comments about the noticeable improvements I had made in answering the questions. The investment is really worth it. It worked for me. Steve is very professional, he knows his stuff and he will give you the tools for you to succeed. I will be going back to Steve if/when I go for any further promotion in the future.’


Pc to Sgt, Northern force said:

“I got in touch with Steve after failing a board and hearing numerous success stories colleagues had with ESH. I had the 4 hour 1-1 coaching session and a follow up Skype refresher just prior to the board.

Results are in and I’ve passed with one of the top scores in the force. Steve’s structure and method for preparing really focused me and I highly recommend ESH for anyone struggling or wanting to make sure they pass 1st time!”


C/Inspector to Superintendent, Southern Force said:

'"If you are serious about promotion, I wholeheartedly recommend Steve at ESH Solutions. I booked the initial 4 hour package followed by a series of coaching sessions spaced over several months in the lead up to a supt promotion process. All of my sessions were via Skype as I live on the south coast.

Steve is incredibly patient, non judgmental and tailors every session to meet your development needs. Steve has a formula that will enable you to deliver a high quality performance at your promotion board. Steve will put you at ease and give you the confidence to practice your examples using a successful model. I found that using this structure really enhanced my evidence and provided clarity despite my nerves on the day.

My recent supt board involved a presentation and panel questions that were a mix of competency based, values and forward facing questions. My feedback was that I was strong in all areas, I had a good structure to my answers which were measured, demonstrating excellent leadership skills and a deep understanding of values and the code of ethics. Thank you Steve at ESH Solutions."


Sgt to Ins North West Force said:

"I can highly recommend Steve and his coaching for Police Promotion. Not only did he give me a clear structure for the interview process I came away with a structure for a study plan. I also had regular Face time sessions which really helped my keep my focus. Steve also had some great techniques to help with my confidence. If you are reading this review it means you are thinking about making contact, do it and the sooner the better".


Sgt to Ins Southern Force said:

I got in touch with Steve following an unsuccessful inspectors promotion board. After speaking to him on the telephone it was clear that he has an in-depth knowledge of the promotion boards and is passionate about what he does. His coaching focuses on both challenging your thinking and approach and giving you a framework to easily deliver your evidence. Having completed the coaching sessions on FaceTime , which worked really well, I had a gap of a couple of months to do my "homework" and then followed up with a couple of sessions in the two weeks prior to the board.
Board day arrived and I was able to confidently deliver all my evidence and also, using the simple framework, adapt the delivery of evidence for a question that's started as evidence based but moved into a forward facing question. Previously I wouldn't have been prepared on how to deal with this change but was able to draw on the models and my preparation to successfully deliver my answer.
My feedback from the board was "Delivery style was very capable and unpacked evidence in a very structured way. "

Inspector to C/Ins South East force said:

"After a long delay, the promotion process to chief inspector finally took place this week, and I am pleased to say I was successful. I owe a big chunk of that success to your tuition, as it gave me the framework I needed to structure the answers and presentation, that I produced on the day. To add to that, the ACC who was chairing the board said that I had clearly prepared well, which was evident in the answers I gave.
Thank you once again for your guidance, I would happily recommend the course to anyone".


C/Insp to Supt. Large Southern English force said:

"Steve is a first class coach and has been a real inspiration in helping me to prepare and recently achieve promotion to the rank of Superintendent. Steve has a patient and unique teaching style and model that is tailor made for individuals seeking promotion at all ranks. I am hugely grateful to Steve for his support and flexibility during our sessions together, he really helped to make me match-fit for the Force process. The presentation model advocated by Steve is very good and can be used in the workplace for day-2-day business, not just for a promotion interview. If your reading this testimonial and are serious about your development to the next rank I highly recommend Steve and his coaching style to you".

Inspector to Chief Inspector large English force said:

"I just wanted you to know that following a 3 year wait [my force] opened a chief inspector process in 2015. I did mine in October and was one of 43 successful candidates out of over 250.
Thank goodness I had been to see you twice which assisted me enormously. The process consisted of a paper feed exercise before meeting a role actor and briefing senior officers. This was then followed by a structured interview. It was an exceptionally tough process, but nevertheless I scored 38 out of a possible 40 marks. I am sure that anyone who had not undertaken such training would have found this process very challenging, if not impossible.
I am still awaiting posting but I just wanted to thank you for your help and support".

Sgt to Ins. English Force:

"After a number of unsuccessful promotion board attempts I contacted ESH Solutions, purchased the E book and secured a one to one coaching session. The E book for me focussed my attention and evidence gathering in the right areas and got me thinking about what I do, why, and where this fits in with the grand scheme of providing the best service to the public.

Everyone talks about ‘performance’, knowing the role you are aspiring to, and for some Forces the dreaded presentation. During the one to one coaching session Steve nailed this down, leaving me with a clear and strong understanding of what it is and how to articulate/present it in an interview situation. I also enrolled on an hour’s Skype session a couple of weeks prior to the interview in order to re-enforce knowledge and understanding in certain areas.

Don’t get me wrong, the E book and coaching sessions are not a ‘potion’ you can mix in a drink and then suddenly you’ve got it! It requires a lot of home work to ensure you are fully prepared for your big day. All in all the material and Steve’s style gives you the knowledge and preparation to succeed, setting you up to approach the interview with confidence and positivity. (I was actually looking forward to the interview)

In summary, if you are serious about passing then make one of the best and shrewdest investments you can, by purchasing the ESH Solutions E Book and Coaching sessions. If I can pass and come top in the Force, so can you!"

PC to Sgt English Force said:

"You provided me with some training earlier on this year for my PC - SGT Promotion Process. I had my interview at the end of April.

A lot of the questions were forward facing. Which I would not have considered prior to my tuition with you. (I can send you a list of the questions if you like.)

Anyway I came third out of 50 applications and I'm about to be made up to Sergeant tomorrow into a new unit.

No doubt, I'll be back in touch when I do my next set of boards.

Thank you for your advice and tuition"

Ins to C/Ins English Force said:
"I recently contacted ESH to purchase their book, however It was apparent from speaking with Stephen Hopkirk that I needed coaching. I was accommodated at short notice
For a four hour session of coaching. This session gave me Structure, focus and confidence. The coaching is only the beginning. There is a lot of hard work to follow up on but well worth it. After previous Unsuccessful boards this year I was successful and I am recommending ESH To my colleagues excellent professional service wish I had done it sooner".

C/Insp to Supt. English force said:

"I have recently been successful in an incredibly competitive Chief Inspector to Superintendent promotion process. In my preparation phase I wanted to create a positive edge, honing my presentation technique and interview skills. Steve Hopkirk from ESH Solutions ltd, through supportive coaching, helped me to better understand the role I was applying for and provided suggestions for a simple structure to format and land my evidence and answers. He challenged me personally and professionally resulting in my clearly articulating why I should be promoted, selling my leadership style and operational experience. This coaching was central to my success. If promotion is important to you, my advice is to invest in Steve’s coaching to develop yourself for the next rank".

Pc to Sgt Met Pol said:

"Steve, just wanted to pass on my thanks to you, I managed to pass the skippers board by some stroke of luck, extremely happy, content and extremely surprised, and very much thankful for all your advice
Possibly see you again down the line if I can ever put myself through that again"

A Sgt to Ins in a Welsh force said:

"I contacted Steve after a recommendation and received coaching from him via Skype for Inspectors boards. I initially bought the e-book and spoke to Steve, I immediately liked his simplistic approach and his offer of being accessible should I have any questions. During the Skype sessions Steve gave me a strategic perspective and a flexible interview structure that I could use during the process but it has also assisted me during meetings and briefings. Steve also gave me a structure for a presentation which I used. I will and have recommended Steve to other officers. I am glad I made decision to have the coaching from Steve, I believe he contributed greatly to me having my promotion to Inspector."

A PC to Sgt GMP said:

"I attended a coaching session in December for promotion to sgt in gmp. I would just like to update you that I was successful and passed.

Your input was invaluable, it gave me a strong revision plan and left me feeling confident when preparing for the process. It was money well spent and I believe it gave me a different edge which was important in a very competitive process.

I would certainly use your services again and would recommend you to others."

An Ins to C/Ins, Welsh force said:

"Dear Stephen,
Can I thank you for the 4 hours training you gave me via Skype in June 2014.At the time I was due to attend a Chief Inspector’s interview process and having failed the previous year was feeling history was about to repeat itself. You assisted me in being able to answer questions with structure and having the confidence to believe in myself.
I passed the interview and the feedback from the interview was positive with comments such as “ you were a totally different person on this occasion. You oozed confidence and really made us believe in your ability”

A Chief Ins to Supt, Welsh Force, said:

"Steve, I would like to pass on my thanks for the assistance you provided to me during my recent promotion to Superintendent. The main reason I was successful is your simplified methodology in both presentation and interview techniques. Using Skype also helped me no end when the process was fast approaching as a good reminder and top up on what we had learned together. Ideal way of communication as it can be done from the comfort of your own home at anytime. Thank You"

A PC to Sgt, Met Police said:

"Hi Steve, A big thank you! I passed the board with 4 scores in all areas not quite High Potential Development Scheme scores! but close!

I have recommended you to a couple of colleagues who didn't pass so hopefully you'll hear from them.

Once again thanks and see you again when I go for the Insp rank".

A successful PC in a non home office force, based in Londodn said: "I recently used Steve for my PC-PS process. It was my first ever promotion board. His advice was invaluable and his service was worth every penny as I now have a prosperous and a financially rewarding job in the wings. I  grateful for Steve's wise counsel and would recommend it for those seeking promotion"

A PC in the Met said: "I contacted Steve when I got a board date for the PC-PS process. My force hadn't promoted anyone for significant time and it was my first ever promotion process - I was anxious to say the least. From the very first email, Steve put me at ease. I booked two, 2hr Skype sessions. I had never used Skype before but I am so glad I didn't let that put me off as it was so straightforward. The pre-session form I was asked to complete really made me feel like Steve wanted to make the sessions as bespoke and beneficial to me as possible. Steve helped me create a solid structure for my potential answers and really broadened my thinking (essential if you wish to be successful in the current promotion climate!). He gave me some invaluable tips, many of which I used during my board. He was extremely patient and encouraging and gave me a few little tasks to go away and think about - This was great as I felt my own board prep suddenly had more focus and direction. I booked a third top up session and Steve allowed me to completely control the content of this additional session. I started with a whole list of uncertainties and questions, all of which Steve addressed thoroughly. In addition to all of that, he was at the end of the phone to help with any "wobbles" right up until my board. I received extremely positive feedback on my performance on the day and that was, without a doubt, thanks to Steve's assistance. I am currently waiting to be posted and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is serious about promotion! Steve, I cannot thank you enough for the guidance you gave and I will definitely be returning when I go for the next one!!"

From Pc to Sgt Welsh Force:

"Recently my force announced the first Sergeant promotion board in over four years. Having been part I and II qualified for most of these years I had been patiently waiting for a Board. Once it was announced I knew I couldn't let this first opportunity pass without being successful, especially as competition was fierce with around 120 qualified for 25 posts. 

I knew I had good evidence for the Board, however Steve and the coaching provided helped me with a structure for delivering my evidence which ensured clarity and flow. This structure also gave me confidence in the delivery of my evidence to the Board on the day. Steve helped me focus on core topic areas for my preparation, making sure I used my time wisely before the Board.

With the coaching help received I was successful in my first attempt and managed to get one of the sought after positions. I have already recommended Steve to colleagues and can't speak highly enough about the help he provided me. 

Steve - Thank you. I will definitely be using the service again if I decide to push myself further to the next rank! "


From Sgt to Inspector Central English Force:

"I just wanted to let you know that as a result of our coaching sessions I was successful during the Insp selection process in my force, I am just awaiting details of my posting.

As you know I had previously failed a Sgt. to Insp. selection process, in light of more people taking the exam and the prospect of changes under Winsor allowing direct entry into the police at Insp level, a second failure was not an option for me.

Due to competition being so fierce I found coaching and mentoring opportunities within force limited, so I was glad to find your website. Your email reply to my initial reservations was spot on and you delivered everything you said you would.

You offered coaching sessions at really convenient times to suit my hectic life, I'd never used Skype before so was apprehensive, but I needn't have been the session ran as if we were in the same room and was very informal and relaxed, I knew straight away that I'd made the right decision and investment.

The sessions were set at the right pace and I was really impressed with how well you read me and could tell when I needed something explaining in a different way or again to secure my understanding. You gave me a sound structure, with plenty of examples, challenged my thinking to ensure I was pitching my answers at the right level and a gave me a clear understanding of strategic perspective, which I had previously lacked clarity in.

I've received feedback that I performed highly during the process and stood out in terms of confidence, structure and understanding of the role and ideas that I will implement when in post due to our discussions in your specialist area around process.

So I just wanted to say a huge thank you, I would certainly recommend your service to anyone who wants to secure their success on force promotion boards and would definitely work with you again in the future but will keep you a closely guarded secret ;-)"


From Sgt to Ins Welsh Force:

'Competition for promotion in my force is fierce. I was faced with the prospect of the new 'PPF' interview style against 20+ other good candidates for the position of Inspector. Steve - you gave me structure and clarity around core topic areas that you thought were likely to be discussed during interview. I had no doubt that I had the operational evidence required to satisfy a Board - but I wanted to deliver my answers in a cohesive and confident manner. You gave me that confidence and I went on to score exceptionally well on the day. I invested financially in the part one and two stages of OSPREY examination process without even thinking. To not consider investing in the final stage of my quest would have been ridiculous! Thank you - I hope you are around when I want to go on and upwards again!'

From Pc to Sgt, Suffolk:

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Sergeants Promotion board in Suffolk that I took last Friday.  I can honestly say that while it didn't all go to plan on the day I wouldn't have had a clue had I not made my two coaching visits to you earlier in the year and followed your ebook.  My early feedback was that I scored really well and I certainly had no shortage of things to say to the board.  I'd used your advice to 'pre-think' a lot of what I wanted to say about the competency areas tested before I actually went into the interview and that meant that coupled with my examples I could give really well thought out answers that demonstrated my skills and experience.

I'm very grateful for your time and efforts and if all goes to plan I will see you in a few years to prepare for my Inspectors board!! "

PC to Sgt, North Yorks:

'Police interviews are challenging. All that time spent compiling evidence and developing yourself ultimately distills down to having to show who you are in just one hour. Get it wrong and all that effort is wasted. I approached esh solutions looking for a framework that would give me the opportunity to effectively show who I was and what I had to offer to the panel. Steve provided me with interview testing that built my confidence and coaching that gave me a structure that had the flexibility to adapt to the unexpected. I passed the interview and was told in the feedback that I had exuded confidence and given a structured and polished performance. Steve thank you again for all your help.'

RH from TVP, PC to Sgt:

"Just to let you know that I passed my board so I'm now a Sergeant and I couldn't be happier. I put a lot of hard work in but your book really helped me put things into perspective. It made me realise what the job is really all about and tackle my nerves. Your book was a piece of my jigsaw to promotion, quite a large piece actually . Thanks again and I'll be sure to recommend it to the good guys who deserve the promotion!"


From a PC to Sgt, West yorks:

"I had no idea how to approach my sergeant's board and was incredibly nervous to say the least. It had been years since my force offered a sergeant's board and to say the competition was stiff was an understatement. The book and personal training from Esh gave me the structure and the confidence to be successful and pass my board the first time around. The personal training calmed my nerves and made me confident in my own ability whilst providing me with a sound structure with how to tackle the questions. I was also able to use the same principles in my presentation. I cannot recommend Esh enough and will definitely be using the service if I go for any future promotion boards. Thank you".

A male officer from Durham passed to sergeant at his first attempt with the help of our eBook and Coaching. he said:

"Thank you,for your help both through the book and the 1 to 1 sessions which proved invaluable. From the layout for my presentation to the 'aim' of the question everything played a part. This was my first promotion board and your advice and guidance definitely made it a more pleasurable experience than it could have been.
I can not thank you enough!"

A female officer from City of London was successful in passing the sergeants board with help from our interview structure and testing. She said:

"After waiting three years my force announced a sergeants promotion process.  There was stiff competition with 97 qualified for 27 jobs.   I knew that I was going to need some assistance with the process as the thought of a board filled me with dread.  I went online and came across Steve's promotion e book.  I purchased this immediately and was very pleased.  The book is very user friendly and covers the whole process.  After learning that I had been put forward for a board I contacted Steve regarding telephone coaching.  I invested in four hours of coaching, this was the best decision I made.  The confidence I got from going over my evidence and putting into practice the structure I was going to use in my board was time and money well spent.  On the day I was very calm and confident, able to think on my feet using the structure I had practiced.  Steve is very patient, professional and current.  A few days ago I was informed that I had been successful and am now awaiting my new posting.  I would not have passed my promotion board without finding Steve's company.  Thank you for all your help, a very satisfied customer".


An officer from a northern force passed from sergeant to inspector using our Personal Promotion Development plan. Here is what he said:

"After my force announced the Sergeant to Inspector promotion board I contacted Steve as I wanted to find a way of improving my chances of being successful in a relatively short period of time. I did question whether this would be worth the investment but I am in no doubt that the value of the help I received was easily worth it. This allowed me to provide well structured answers during my board that were delivered at the right level. I have no hesitation in recommending the service provided by Steve as he knows exactly what he is talking about and this type of preparation will give you everything you need to pass your interview."

CC from the South West used our coaching service to successfully pass to inspector. See what she said:

"My force announced the Inspectors promotion boards were out and the competition was absolutely fierce - 287 applicants for 15 jobs.   Having got the recommendation from my Commander, passed the psychometric test (in addition to Parts one and two of OSPRE) it became quite clear to me that I was going to have to put in an epic performance before the board to succeed.  I was aware the panel would consist of a no nonsense Deputy Chief chairing and that fact wasn't helping in settling my nerves greatly!  I went on line searching for divine inspiration and found your company.  Without hesitating,  I purchased the online promotion board preparation booklet.  This was really good and  I really liked the style but still felt I needed an additional extra edge over the competition and some practice with a professional.  I noted that one to one coaching was offered and that distance was no object as it could be done over the telephone.  I bought three hours worth at a rate which was unbelievably reasonable for the quality of service I received.
I have to say that those three hours were probably the best investment I have ever made. Every subject Steve coached me on came up in the board it was almost as if he had seen the questions! I was able to seamlessly pull together the evidence I had and begin each of my answers confidently knowing that with every sentence, every phrase, the board were 'buying' me and my answers.  Strategy, confidence and satisfaction, mission vision and values - all these subjects Steve had shown me how to bring to life by weaving in the examples we had carefully rehearsed.  I answered the questions giving about 10 examples of how I had increased public confidence, delivered difficult messages, increased performance tackled a crime related incident in partnership and how I was going to manage change with shrinking resources.  The board must have thought I had sight of the questions beforehand! 
Steve your service was absolutely spot on.  You were calm, clear, patient, professional friendly and you listened carefully to my concerns about where I felt I would be weak at the impending board.  You addressed my learning needs by providing a totally customer focused bespoke service, tailor made to highlight my strengths and showcase my evidence.   You provided calming techniques and helped me structure my answers using impactive phrases that clearly excited the panel and gave them what they were looking for.   Unsurprisingly with the advantage you gave me I write to you as  an immediately promoted Inspector who will be taking up my new post in the New Year, one of only 9 that passed out of 60 interviewed.    No one knows my secret weapon was you except my most trusted colleagues who are going for the Sergeants boards in 2012 to whom I have highly recommended your services!
That three hours spent with you has resulted in an additional £40,000 on my pension plus the increase in salary between now and my retirement!  I am living proof of the phrase you so often refer to, that being "chance favours the prepared mind".  Thank you sincerely, I cannot recommend your service highly enough to anyone who is serious about maximising their promotion prospects."