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Interview Questions

Out of all the things people have spoken to me about when providing coaching, it's how to answer questions properly, or interview technique. Well the Promotion eBook covers this in lots and lots of detail and gives you an excellent technique suitable for any type of interview question. In my experience interview technique is the most frequent reason by far people (you?) don't pass the interview and yet it is something that can easily be prepared for.

To help you even more there are over 100 questions taken from real interviews or interview question banks for you to practice with.

There are basically five types of question that you will face and it's a good idea to practice all five types so that on the day you are very well prepared. The eBook provides a good idea of questions and some examples too, all based on real interviews.

Importantly the eBook covers how to answer the questions in detail. The main thing is to have a structure for your answer, a technique. Preparation is everything!

For example, when interviewing candidates in the past I frequently found that many people would just waffle on, dumping information onto the panel and losing their attention in the process. In fact I still remember the best interviewee I ever had the pleasure to interview was over and done in around 20 minutes and yet he hit all of the buttons and came top that year in Inspectors Boards.

I will provide example questions here from time to time and I encourage you to answer them under interview conditions. All of the questions I post are real ones and have been used in an interview question pool. So, the first one is opposite. If you like this idea and would like more posted, then contact me and let me know:



"What issues are facing the police over the next 12 months and what do they mean to you in your new rank?"

Okay, this question is very common around the country and for good reason. The question is designed to test certain personal attributes and competencies as they apply to your new rank.

Of course you can be swamped by information in preparing for this question but there is an excellent tool to help you avoid doing so in our eBook.

If you want to learn the tool and thus increase your chances of meeting the demands of this question, please see our How to Pass the Police Promotion Interview eBook here.